Don’t Leave, Organise aims to build an inclusive and diverse grassroots umbrella network, run democratically by its supporting bodies, to coordinate our actions and our demands, to support and act in solidarity with each other. This page lists the growing number of organisations coming together under the DLO umbrella. Last updated May 31, 2020.

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Jewish Voice for Labour

Jewish Voice for Labour was founded in July 2017 as a network for Jews in the Labour Party unrepresented by the existing organisations which had a specific orientation towards Israel. JVL quickly became the leading voice defending the Corbyn leadership and its supporters against unjust allegations of antisemitism.

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Labour Representation Committee

The Labour Representation Committee is an open, democratic and socialist organisation committed to the democratisation of the labour movement, the election of a Labour Government and the implementation of a fundamental and irreversible shift in the balance of wealth and power in favour of the working class and the promotion of internationalism, peace and equality.

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Red Labour

Red Labour was formed in 2011, in response to the slow death of New Labourism and in opposition to Blue Labour, as the project positioning itself to replace it. It is made up of grassroots organisers who believe in a bottom-up approach to politics. Red Labour promotes socialism and advocates a socialist orientation in the Labour Party, unapologetically.

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Bakers Food and Allied
Workers’ Union (BFAWU)

Our union is the only independent Trade Union operating within the food industry and we’ve been representing working people since 1847.

Fire Brigades Union

Labour Beyond Cities

Labour International Left Alliance

Socialist Campaign Group
of Labour Councillors

The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors was founded in 2019 by Labour councillors many of whom initially came together to support Richard Burgon’s deputy leadership campaign. We aim to build on our proud socialist traditions in local government, working with others from the Labour left to affect real political change, to bring about democratisation of politics and the economy.


The Black Solidarity Committee is a sub-committee of the RMT union organising African, Asian and other minority members (AAM) in our three regions in the southeast. Railways have always employed large numbers of AAM workers but have been poor supporters or protectors of our rights and benefits.