About Us

Don’t Leave, Organise is a broad left network launched on April 15, 2020 after a period of disappointment and defeat for socialists in the Labour Party. Its aim is to restore hope to the many thousands of activists demoralised by the general election defeat in December 2019 and by setbacks for the left in the subsequent leadership and National Executive Committee polls.

Problems highlighted by the internal party report leaked on April 12 clearly demonstrated the need for strong organisation of the left. This contributed to an immediate flow of support for the new network which in its first days attracted more than 1,000 supporters and the endorsement of two national trade unions, the Bakers and the Fire Brigades Union.

Don’t Leave, Organise is driven by the desire to sustain and build upon the movement that coalesced around Jeremy Corbyn during his four and a half years as Labour leader. The network seeks to revive the spirit of class solidarity, based on the party’s historic roots in the trade union and labour movement, that makes it the most important expression of the organised working class, and a voice for the many.

Established during the coronavirus emergency, Don’t Leave, Organise aims to bring together the widest possible range of new and existing organisations in our movement – groups organising in communities and workplaces, unions, Constituency Labour Parties, Covid-19 mutual aid networks and many more.

The three founding bodies, Red Labour, the Labour Representation Committee and Jewish Voice for Labour, and the growing number of additional network members, are unified around shared, socialist principles – against all forms of discrimination and bigotry, for international solidarity, the policies in Labour’s 2017 & 2019 manifestos, full democracy, due process and natural justice in the party.

We aim to build an inclusive and diverse grassroots umbrella network, run democratically by its supporting bodies

  • to coordinate our actions and our demands,
  • to support and act in solidarity with each other,
  • to resist the lurch to the far right under the Tory government of Boris Johnson
  • to prevent any rightward drift that may occur within Labour under Keir Starmer