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What Next for the Labour Left?

Building unity, defending democracy – Join the resistance!

Don’t Leave, Organise has published a document designed to promote active cooperation among socialists in the Labour Party at this critical time. How can we learn the lessons of Corbyn years and build unity among the various elements of our movement – in the CLPs, the left unions, among councillors and MPs, in regional and national groups?

The document, which is already generating fruitful debate across a range of left groupings, argues:

“Now is the time to unify and build around our socialist principles, full democracy, due process and natural justice in the Party. The vast majority of left groups share these core socialist aims, and we should see that as a basis to develop our more collective approach. We must strengthen and reconnect the Labour left. There is a significant task of reconstruction to be taken up urgently.”

An introduction by DLO chair Ben Selby, FBU vice-president, says:

“The need for movement building, political education and grassroots organising grow ever more urgent by the day. We cannot afford to fail in these tasks and the moves by the right to take over the party make them even more challenging.”

We urge everyone on the Labour left to take up the challenge. Circulate the document, encourage debate, contribute to the project of reconstruction.

Follow this link to read or download a pdf file.