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“New Management” supports race to the bottom Brexit deal

“New Management” supports race to the bottom Brexit deal

Ben Selby – Chair, DLO

A fundamental principle for the Labour Party should be to stand up for working people against the self-interest and cronyism of the Tory party, the party of big business that works for the interests of capital and the establishment. Yet this week we saw the Labour Party vote for a Brexit deal, crafted in favour of those very interests. This deal was not negotiated in the interests of workers and will no doubt cause irreparable damage to the working class.

Our NHS and workers’ rights at risk

For instance, the agreement lays out what could be the legal framework for the wholesale sell-off and privatisation of the NHS. It also opens the way for numerous attacks on workers’ rights.
Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend. Time and time again we have seen the Labour leadership seek to appease the establishment. Whether it be the Spycops Bill, Overseas Operations Bill, endorsement of school openings during the middle of a pandemic or silence in the face of cruel and illegal deportations, the plight of asylum seekers detained in inhumane conditions and the human cost of the #ToxicTories mishandling of Covid-19. The aims behind this path of least resistance are muddy – is the goal to ascertain a lukewarm write up in the Daily Mail, Starmer’s version of electability or to provide further evidence that the party is under new management? Whatever, it is a very short-sighted and misguided MO, as when the time comes, we know that the establishment media will not be so kind.

A neoliberal blueprint

This deal, so damaging to the many, should have been opposed by all Labour MPs – even in Brexit-voting constituencies – but now Labour Party activists when knocking on doors, will have to explain to millions of workers up and down the country why they voted for a deal that will no doubt cause harm. The Tory party is the enemy of the labour movement and walking through the lobbies with them should be avoided whenever possible. With notable exceptions abstaining and just one Labour MP voting against, the Labour Party did that yesterday and it will not be forgotten.