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What you can do


DLO’s meeting on Tuesday Nov 3 was a call to action for every member of our movement.

Watch the video recording

Here are concrete suggestions from speakers and attendees.

Matt Wrack – General Secretary Fire Brigades Union, Chair of the Labour Representation Committee and member of DLO Steering Group

  1. Get active and organise through your trade union – think about becoming a rep and convincing people you know to join/get more involved
  2. Support campaigns including




Matt Nathan – Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors & member of DLO Steering Group

  1. Stand as a councillor
  2. Help left candidates win selections
  3. Support left councillors in their campaigning and run up to May 2021 local elections
  4. If you’re already a councillor, join the socialist campaign group of councillors


Sophie Wilson – Sheffield City Councillor, Parliamentary candidate 2019GE for Rother Valley, grassroots activist

  1. Join ACORN


Sonali Bhattacharya – Momentum National Secretary

  1. Vote #GV6 in the NEC elections if you haven’t already
  2. Recommended voting lists based on your postcode:
  3. Join the eviction resistance campaign


Jo Bird – NEC councillor candidate

  1. Demand fair and just disciplinary processes through all available channels

  1. If you are a councillor, vote for socialist councillor voices on the NEC – and lobby your local councillors to do so


Tosh McDonald – socialist councillor, former ASLEF President

  1. Become a trade union activist
  2. Don’t be silenced – use every method to speak truth to power – petitions, media, demos, courts, motions, open letter all party members can sign:
  3. Be part of a united anti-racist movement, stand up to racist attacks.


Salma Yaqoob – shortlisted as Labour candidate for West Midlands Mayor, one of the founders of anti-war movement, anti-racist  social justice campaigner & former councillor

  1. Speak up against censorship being imposed across all progressive movements
  2. Don’t wait for others – take a lead!


Paula Peters – National steering group member of Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC), founding chair of Bromley and Croydon Unite Community branch.

  1. Join DPAC – national organisation with local groups and campaigns to support locally and nationally

  1. Join the fight against universal credit. Join Scrap Universal Credit Alliance (SUCA)

  1. If you are not employed, you can join Unite Community
  2. Vote Ellen Morrison for Labour disability NEC rep


A selection of ideas from attendees  

Defend Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party democracy


Argue for motions challenging Jeremy’s suspension

Campaign for unions and left MPs to act

Get active in media – phone ins / write letters

Demand action on Labour Leaks document

Oppose all witch-hunts

Resist demoralisation, organise action

Give members reason to stay – Don’t Leave, Organise!


Rebuild the left


Unite inside and outside the Labour Party

Commit to transparent & democratic process for left slates in elections

Build and connect local and regional Labour Left groups.

Build class consciousness through political education and action

Learn lessons of defeat

Defend policy gains of Corbyn leadership

Make climate change campaign central

Be at the forefront of Covid struggle, defending teachers and other workers on the front line.