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Winning a socialist Left block on Labour’s NEC

The six Grassroots Voice (#GV6) candidates enter the voting phase of the NEC election with an impressive 42 percent of nominations from Constituency Labour Parties.

Laura Pidcock, one of the Grassroots Voice Six, said: “A massive thank you to all the members who nominated #GV6, we really appreciate the support.”

Pidcock added: “Now the real battle has begun. We need to take the fight to the right and ensure we get a strong socialist block on the NEC to fight for party democracy and defend hard-won radical policies.”

Ballots drop on 19 October and the election will be under the Single Transferable Vote system, which was introduced by the leadership to make a clean sweep for the left impossible.

We will need a disciplined approach to voting to help secure the maximum number of NEC places for the left. This means casting our votes so that all the #GV6 get a fair distribution of first preferences, voting in different orders in various geographical areas.

A postcode checker, soon to be released by Momentum, will enable you to see how you should order your votes according to where you live.

The #GV6 are backed by a broad alliance of rank and file organisations. Theirs is the only slate supported by Jeremy Corbyn and the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs and by the Fire Brigades Union and Bakers’ Union.

The Grassroots Voice Six are:

Click their names to read their statements.

Read their Manifesto here.

*After giving #GV6 your first six preferences, please give your seventh and subsequent preferences to other candidates who support a progressive policy agenda for Labour and who will defend party democracy.

*The Labour organisations supporting the GV6 are: Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, Momentum, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Jewish Voice for Labour, Red Labour, Labour Representation Committee, Labour Assembly Against Austerity, Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Welsh Labour Grassroots, Campaign for Socialism, Labour Women Leading, Kashmiris for Labour, Labour Briefing Co-Op, Fire Brigades Union, Bakers’ Union.