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“Member-led democracy must be a priority” – Mish Rahman

To build and strengthen our movement for socialism, we must trust our members.

I’m standing to represent you on the NEC to build Labour into a party that empowers members and wins with transformational socialist policies. Because, between coronavirus and the climate crisis, we urgently need a Labour Party that fights for the future we need.

We need leaders who will champion socialist policies – for better pay, better jobs, more housing, and minority groups’ liberation – and that’s exactly what I’ll do. From the Green New Deal to public ownership, migrants’ rights, and empowering trade unions, our 2019 manifesto contained many powerful common-sense solutions to the crises we face. We have time to make and win the case for these solutions now, and I’ll push for our party to do just that.

The Labour Party belongs to its members, which is why I’ll also prioritise the fight for member-led democracy. Members need to have a strong input into strategic decision making, but the current reality is that the NEC is beyond members’ influence. The NEC expects us members to implement decisions made without our input. When we want to make demands of the NEC there’s simply no channel to do so, since many CLP reps haven’t been transparent and open. The recurring theme here? The Labour Party lacks democracy.

To make the NEC accountable to members, we need clear frameworks for decision-making: who decides what, who’s consulted, and where is it reported? And there should be a presumption that members decide matters wherever possible. To build and strengthen our movement for socialism, we must trust our members.

As well as being a grassroots organiser and campaigner, I have concrete experience of working to deepen member-led democracy; as a member of Momentum’s new NCG, I’ve recently helped drive forward the organisation’s first primary (on who we’ll back for Young Labour’s leadership elections), so I’ll bring that experience to bear in the NEC role.

Finally, as a committed campaigner for racial justice and anti-imperialism, I’ll push for our party to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement here and against injustices abroad – be they in Yemen, Palestine or Kashmir.

So, if you too are excited by the prospect of an NEC that fights for socialism and member-led democracy, I look forward to working with you on this – there’s so much to be done and I can’t wait to get stuck in.


This article by Mish Rahman is one of a series of blogposts that DLO is publishing from members of the Grassroots Voice team of candidates for the Labour Party’s NEC elections.

Contact Mish: [email protected] | 07882169720 | @misba70

Other #GrassrootsVoice candidates, supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, are Yasmine Dar, Ann Henderson, Laura Pidcock, Nadia Jama, and Gemma Bolton.