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Build CLP nominations for the #GrassrootsVoice Six

Constituency Labour Parties can nominate up to nine candidates for CLP representatives on Labour’s NEC. Nominations close on September 27th.

The left’s priority at this stage is to nominate the Grassroots Voice slate. We are delighted to note that all six candidates have received sufficient nominations to go through to the ballot. However, we urge all those on the left to continue organising within their CLPs to secure nominations for the #GrassrootsVoice Six to demonstrate our strength. Please nominate:

We understand that some CLPs may be unwilling to fill only six of the nine possible nomination places, because there is a risk of the remaining three being filled with candidates from the Labour To Win slate promoted by the right of the party. In response to concerns that have been widely expressed, we therefore suggest nominating any three of the candidates below in addition to the Grassroots Voice Six. Some CLPs may also have local socialist candidates they would like to consider.

  • Ekua Bayunu
  • Cameron Mitchell
  • Alec Price
  • Roger Silverman
  • Carol Taylor-Spedding
  • Ahmad Wattoo
  • Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal
  • Crispin Flintoff
  • Mark McDonald

Boxing clever with STV

Voting opens for all members in late October. We appreciate that the introduction of a new Single Transferable Vote (STV) system has caused considerable confusion. It is still not clear which exact version of STV will be used. However, it is clear that in multiple candidate elections – in this instance for the CLP NEC seats – it is very hard, if not impossible, to get a full slate of nine elected. We would need upwards of 80% of the vote to do that. Recent elections indicate the left doesn’t have that strength.

The real danger is that spreading our preferences between too many left candidates would leave all of them unable to reach the required threshold. This is why a united focus on the Grassroots Voice slate gives us the best chance of getting socialists onto the NEC.

We cannot afford the luxury of splitting our vote when the ballot opens on October 19. The slate has been restricted to six very deliberately to make sure the left maximises its chances of electing as many socialists as possible.

To win in this NEC election, we are going to have to box clever. As we get closer to the opening of the ballot, there will be more detail about the best strategy to get all of our Grassroots Voice candidates elected. In the meantime, please look out for details of your CLP’s nomination meeting and nominate the #GrassrootsVoice Six!