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Yasmine Dar’s candidate statement

Yasmine Dar     Membership Number: L1173052

I’m standing for re-election to the NEC so I can continue to be a strong voice for grassroots members. In the past 2.5 years I have:

● Pushed for implementation of the Democracy Review, including creation of equalities structures and NEC seats that will allow the voices of BAME, disabled, LGBT and women members to be genuinely heard.
● Been a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s internationalist foreign policy for peace, justice and human rights throughout the world.

● As elected Chair of the Disputes Committee been committed to a transparent, fair disciplinary process based on natural justice.
● Supported more say for grassroots members, for example through open selections.

My experiences as a BAME woman, a social worker, co-founder of a Children’s Charity, anti-racist activist and a Councillor have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative Labour government for the many not the few. We must defend and advance the progressive policies of 2017 and 2019, taking action to support campaigns such as Black Lives Matter and on the Green New Deal.

I am proud to be supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance. Please also support Ann Henderson, Laura Pidcock, Nadia Jama, Gemma Bolton and Mish Rahman.

Contact Channels: 07405210784 | [email protected] | @Yasmine_Dar