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Nadia Jama’s candidate statement

Nadia Jama      Membership Number: L1486115

I grew up under Thatcher’s government on a council estate near Orgreave, the daughter of a Somali steel worker and grand-daughter of a Liverpool docker. The authentic voices of working- class Black women must be central to our movement. I’ll be a strong voice for members and party democracy.

To win, Labour must provide democratic socialist solutions to the unprecedented health, economic and environmental crises.

I’m a proud trade unionist. We must stand with our unions and health experts to put people before profit.

The Tories’ mishandling of coronavirus caused tens of thousands of deaths and risks thousands more. It also risks turning the austerity decade of economic stagnation into a deep recession.

I support a socialist Green New Deal to kickstart our economy, tackle the climate crisis, create decent jobs and redress spiralling poverty and wealth inequality.

The importance of our internationalism has been demonstrated by the pandemic. I believe in global justice activism, including supporting the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.

I am fighting for a socialist Labour Government that will deliver the radical change we need. Please also support Gemma Bolton, Yasmine Dar, Ann Henderson, Laura Pidcock, and Mish Rahman.

Contact Channels : @MizJama | [email protected]