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Socialists in the Labour Party have suffered recent defeats, but we are not defeated. This is the time to unify and build around our shared socialist principles, the policies in our 2017 & 2019 manifestos, full democracy, due process and natural justice in the party.

We urgently need a way of bringing together the wide range of new and existing organisations in our movement – groups organising in communities and workplaces, unions, constituency-based left groups, Covid-19 mutual aid networks. Not yet another organisation with leadership aspirations.

Instead we need something new and different – a grassroots umbrella network, run democratically by its supporting bodies, to coordinate our actions and our demands, to support and act in solidarity with each other.

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Signup and get organised

Are you feeling angry and demoralised?
Here is something to do. Contact all your friends and acquaintances in Labour, share our @future_we_need NEC slate, find out if they have voted, if they haven't make sure they do. ✊✊✊✊

[thread] Members are the Labour Party & they should have control over it. When we talk about control, it’s often misinterpreted. Control is fundamentally about democracy. This is a very important principle to many Labour members. Why is it so important? (1/8) Vote #GV6

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Tomorrow, ballots for Labour’s NEC will start arriving. We have negotiated a united left slate for the CLP positions via the CLGA, named #GrassrootsVoice. To maximise our chances of getting left reps elected, the CLGA is recommending the following regional voting for the #GV6 in this order:

If you’re in the Northern or South West party regions, we recommend voting in the following order:

1. Laura Pidcock
2. Ann Henderson
3. Mish Rahman
4. Gemma Bolton
5. Nadia Jama
6. Yasmine Dar

If you’re in Yorkshire & the Humber, East Midlands or West London, we recommend voting in the following order:

1. Nadia Jama
2. Laura Pidcock
3. Ann Henderson
4. Mish Rahman
5. Yasmine Dar
6. Gemma Bolton

If you’re in the West Midlands or North & East London, we recommend voting in the following order:

1. Mish Rahman
2. Yasmin Dar
3. Gemma Bolton
4. Ann Henderson
5. Laura Pidcock
6. Nadia Jama

If you’re in the South East or South London, we recommend voting in the following order:

1. Gemma Bolton
2. Mish Rahman
3. Nadia Jama
4. Ann Henderson
5. Yasmine Dar
6. Laura Pidcock

If you’re in Scotland, Wales or the East Labour Party region, we recommend voting in the following order:

1. Ann Henderson
2. Nadia Jama
3. Yasmine Dar
4. Laura Pidcock
5. Gemma Bolton
6. Mish Rahman

If you’re in the North West, in N. Ireland, or are an International member, we recommend voting in the following order:

1. Yasmine Dar
2. Gemma Bolton
3. Laura Pidcock
4. Nadia Jama
5. Ann Henderson
6. Mish Rahman

Vote #GV6, your grassroots voice for socialism.
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Ballots drop tomorrow. Check your inbox & vote #GV6:

🗳Nadia Jama
🗳Laura Pidcock
🗳Mish Rahman
🗳Gemma Bolton
🗳Ann Henderson
🗳Yasmine Dar

Your #Grassroots Voice for the NEC.
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