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Socialists in the Labour Party have suffered recent defeats, but we are not defeated. This is the time to unify and build around our shared socialist principles, the policies in our 2017 & 2019 manifestos, full democracy, due process and natural justice in the party.

We urgently need a way of bringing together the wide range of new and existing organisations in our movement – groups organising in communities and workplaces, unions, constituency-based left groups, Covid-19 mutual aid networks. Not yet another organisation with leadership aspirations.

Instead we need something new and different – a grassroots umbrella network, run democratically by its supporting bodies, to coordinate our actions and our demands, to support and act in solidarity with each other.

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There was nothing substantial for:

❌ Tackling poverty
❌ OurNHS & Public Services
❌ For the #GreenNewDeal we need

Left responds to #Budget2021 - featuring comment from @RLong_Bailey @johnmcdonnellMP @MizJama 👇

RT & speak up for a radical alternative!

Young Labour members are outraged by the clampdown on democracy in our party. Across the country, students and young workers are joining the campaign to demand an immediate recall conference.

We say: Enough is enough! Let the members decide the fate and future of our party!

@RichardBurgon, secretary of @socialistcam, is yet another amazing speaker lined up for Saturday's rally to reclaim democracy. Join us to discuss how we can fight to take back control of our party!


YouTube livestream:

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FYI there’s a slight delay to our socialist Telly slot. It will go out at 7:30pm not 7pm tonight ... See MoreSee Less

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Register now to join the rally in advance of NEC Organising Committee meeting on March 11th which will be debating the motion to #ReclaimDemocracyRecallConference ... See MoreSee Less

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Once again we see brazen and provocative attacks on our party democracy by unelected bureaucrats. We stand in full solidarity with the Labour members of Liverpool who deserve to be given the opportunity to vote for candidates of their choosing. #LiverpoolMayor #ReclaimDemocracyRecallConference ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't Leave, Organise supports the calls to #ReclaimDemocracyRecallConference🔥 RECALL OF CONFERENCE 🔥

Join the ever increasing movement to campaign for a Recall of Conference

The Labour Party is in a crisis and members, CLP’s, Trade Unionists and a number of Left groups are now demanding that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Labour Party immediately organise a special Recall of Conference to resolve the crisis that is threatening to engulf the party.

This campaign is building up rapidly and now has widespread support from the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, alongside a range of Labour NEC members and trade unions, such as Unite, Fire Brigades Union (FBU), and the Bakers, Food, and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU).

The Recall of Conference campaign is also backed by left-wing groups such as Momentum, ‘Don’t Leave, Organise’, and Labour4Clause4.
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